The Challenge to You

You have read earlier what the Special Projects Team is and why it was started. So, do you think you need its help? Are you a charity or an NGO or just a group that’s doing good work to help change something for the better in the developing world?

How the team wants to help people doing good

This team was set up so that we could give back as a business so come and tell us what you are doing and how you could benefit from our help. Are you trying to get a clean water project off the ground but need help clearing local red tape? Are you a microfinance NGO wanting to set up training workshops and need help managing the workshops? Challenge us, come at us with the craziest request for help and let’s see if we have a solution. We can’t help everyone and our vetting processes for every request for help are thorough but don’t let that discourage you. Don’t feel because someone may have told your issue isn’t ‘sexy’ enough to merit funding or assistance that we won’t listen to your story. We understand that everyone deserves to be heard and it would surprise you to find out some of the organisations and groups that we support. This is a hard sector to work in. This team has had its fair share of failures and we can’t 100% promise you always a successful outcome. No one could but we start any project prepared to ‘leave everything out on the field’ to achieve a successful result for you. 

The ‘Grey Areas’ of the World

The other side of what the team does is a little less structured and normal. We know that the developing world is a place where sometimes people find themselves in unique situations where a certain type of problem may arise such as a security issue or a problem with regional government for example and help is needed but there is no idea where exactly you go to seek that help. The Special Projects Team utilises its own networks and support structure as well as those of the Collective to give people that potential avenue of help. We examine every request for assistance and if we can help, we will. Break down the problem for us and we will work with you to show you how to best deal with the situation however unique it may be. The team members have between them over 75 years of on the ground experience of working in the developing world so we know how things work. 

We know that the developing world can sometimes be a challenging place so let this team see if it can help