What is the Collective?

First started in 2009, the Collective has taken ten years to reach its full potential but the simplicity behind its operational core is what allows us a business to operate so successfully. The Collective is a group of individuals spread around the developing world, all either senior decision makers in their respective businesses or business owners who through a period of time were all brought together because they saw the value in working together and delivering the highest possible standard of service.

Who makes up the Collective?

The Collective is made up of events agencies, travel groups, operations officers, facilitators, security specialists, logistics coordinators and many others. In their day to day positions, they operate as they choose but as and when is needed they can call on the Collective for support in different projects.  Imagine you are running an event in a country where you don’t have a security provision. You call on the Collective to see if there is someone who can help. 

Why does the Collective matter?

There is no gimmick with the Collective and no membership fee for its members. This is not a secret society. We just have a simple rule and that is to help and support the fellow members of the Collective. All members care about quality of service and won’t take on requests for assistance from fellow members if they can’t guarantee the high standards of delivery that is expected. It operates behind the screens as part of a business’s day to day operations, so the client doesn’t even know it’s there. 

The Collective is small businesses around the developing world looking out for and supporting each other.