How we started off

Blue Case Management started in late 2006 in events because we saw a logistical and creative challenge in delivering unique events whilst ensuring a real attention to detail. We looked to Africa because we believed that there was more opportunity there than in the West. We started as a consultancy based out of East Africa working for other media and events companies based there but after seeing what was a subpar service standard, we decided to make the leap to becoming a full-service events and marketing agency. For the next several years we took on interesting and challenging projects. We had the privilege of opening hotels and launching multiple well-known brands within the East African market.

The First Milestone

The move into conferences and summits saw us arrive at our second major development phase. When handling a conference for several thousand people, it became evident that having a travel & logistics team within the business would allow us to handle major elements of these larger events that we previously couldn’t handle. Ground transfers, flights and hotel bookings to name a few. This led to our current unique operational partnership with a major travel services group. This partnership allowed us to not only better support our events business with those missing services but allowed us to expand into private leisure travel services to our clients. We opened up the world for our clients and took our first leisure travel booking in late 2009 to rave reviews. This side of the business has seen rapid growth ever since.

Two Teams become Three

The subsequent growth led us to the third major development phase which was the addition of the special projects team. The special projects team initially started when companies, individuals, charities and NGO’s would approach us for help with certain key projects, problems or issues. These people or organisations didn’t have the resources, financial backing or the network of contacts we have from working in Africa for the last decade. Why shouldn’t we help them if we could especially if they are a charity or an NGO? We therefore started assisting with these enquiries on a case by case basis. No day is the same for this team and there is a fair amount of less than standard requests for help. One significant area the team has seen enquiries come in for is security related projects or problems and we see that as a huge potential growth market in the years to come. 

This is where we are now. A business with three core elements that all complement each other, endeavouring to keep providing the best service possible in an amazing part of the world.