Why was this team created?

In 2009 during a conference contract, we realised how much it was hurting us as a business, that we couldn’t offer certain key travel & logistics services that our event client at the time desperately needed.  

How did we fix the problem?

A chance conversation with someone led to the creation of a very unique operational partnership between Blue Case Management and a leading travel services group with offices all over Africa and the developing world. This unique partnership with a fabulous forward thinking & detail orientated company allowed us to instantly offer the event travel services we needed and laid the groundwork for further expansion.


What does the team do?

One of the team’s roles is to compliment the events & marketing team in its activities. In the planning stages, they are there to handle and plan any logistical & travel elements of a marketing strategy and provide solutions for problems that can be incorporated into an overall marketing plan. They are then there to execute their elements and trouble shoot when needed. For events, the team is there to offer solutions to any travel & logistical elements of an event contract and after building the overall event plan, they are there to help execute all of those elements such as for example managing any ground transport arrangements and trouble shooting any problems that may occur.  Two teams focused on a contract is better than one and this team offers a different perspective which allows us to fix any problems and issues quicker and with innovative solutions. It also allows us to operate more efficiently as a business. We are detail orientated people but we didn’t realise till we set up this team that it gave us an opportunity to rapidly expand our travel services. Our corporate clients benefited immediately because they could amalgamate all their business travel services requirements and pass them through the team. Hotel bookings for trips, flights bookings for strategy meetings. The team can handle all of a business’s travel & logistics needs. 

Holidays and Trips - The Fun Parts

Africa and Asia are areas of the world that people want to visit. Having this team allowed us to help people do that. The team can take the idea for a holiday and create a bespoke package for any budget. Don’t have an idea but know you want to get away, well the team can help there too with suggestions and itineraries aplenty. Travel as a whole is changing and we saw an opportunity to change with the industry. Holidays are different for each person. Get to know what a client wants from a holiday and then build a package based on that. We don’t just give out the same tired and boring itineraries. 

The team has the ability to plan every element of a bespoke trip (flights, meet and greets and airports, visa assistance, hotels, safari drivers and guides, private safari cars, excursions). We are on hand to plan, book and then be there all the way through if you need us. The travel industry has been guilty at times of lacking the personal touch unless someone is prepared to spend a lot of money. We give the same attention to detail for any client whatever their budget. This is a detail game for us. The team offers full services all over Africa, India and large parts of Asia and then Europe and the United States and Canada as well as parts of the Caribbean. 

Tell us where in the world you want to go and we will get you there